• Mary Lojkine

    Mary Lojkine

    NZer in London, product manager at Trinity Mirror, travelling feet first in a green kayak. Personal views, not employer’s

  • Tim Ferguson

    Tim Ferguson

    Former journo now working in media relations for Accenture UK & Ireland. Writer, reader and fan of music, F1 & tennis. Comments my own, not my employer's.

  • Neil Thackray

    Neil Thackray

    Founder of Briefing Media Ltd. See us at http://t.co/b6ePOHkyqu http://t.co/FHpcyzNAu3

  • Nina Maffey

    Nina Maffey

    Writer of good stuff. Wearer of many hats Tweets here about: #contentmarketing #photography #freelance #journalism

  • Chris Mohney

    Chris Mohney

    Writer and editor and eater and drinker.

  • Nerd Graph

    Nerd Graph

    Your Nr.1 source for amazing infographics. Submit yours today!

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